"an intersection of the indriyas (the senses),
enrich your world through experience"

Influenced by the Vaisheshika school of thought, which promotes individual subjective experience as the only path to knowledge, House of Reva has been curated on the lines of giving the audience a complete sensory experience of taste, smell, sight, sound and touch so that you may feel art, in a very personal way, on a visceral base level. My hope is that the work displayed will influence not only your minds, but also your souls.

Since we live in a world that emphasizes external tangible aspects when it comes to appreciating beauty, my attempt through this exhibition, is to question the primacy given to the physical. I aim to enhance our understanding of beauty, by subjecting us to a holistically sensory experience. The show attempts to share the influence of various artistic movements and art styles which have influenced my thoughts and subsequently, my work over the years, including classicism, romanticism, minimalism, abstractionism, arte povera, and myriad folk and tribal art forms.

The purpose is to highlight the interdependence of various arts or the collective will of humanity that is propelling us all toward a shared destiny. We may overlook this inextricable entanglement but it is precisely this symbiosis that renders Reality and contributes to that which we know as all Existence.

Our senses being our windows and doors to the world, my intention, with the art I produce or curate, has been to highlight the uniqueness of each sense, while also demonstrating how they interact synergistically with one another.

Because knowing is beautiful, and because beauty will save the world;
because love is all there is and to know love we must know ourselves,
because that remains the biggest Unknown.