about reva

Ask her who she is and she'll tell you she's Alice, that she fell down the hole and ate mushrooms with a blue Caterpillar and drank tea with the Hatter and woke up under a shower of leaves.

Ask her where she comes from and she will tell you about how the wrath of the sages broke the God, that He fell to earth in a burning passion and that the Goddess enveloped Him within herself to keep Him from ravaging every life form, and that Reva was born in the calm that ensued.

She does not lie because she does not know how to. Reva is truthful because Reva is an aspiration. She embodies possibilities, both past and present, transforms them into objects of beauty and she throws them back at the world.

photographs by : robert ludwig

Reva is the completeness of the completing, an artful paradox - she is transient but eternal, ethereal but sensual, utopian but earthly. Reva is everything because she can be anything.

Like the sakura petals that fall at five centimeters per second, she floats through this space, charming all who see her, with the subtlest colour and fragrance. But like the sakura, her magic is best grasped in moments.

Catch her before she falls...

- By a fellow aesthete -

'The Gift'

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